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#1 Jan 18, 2021 5:44 PM

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Browsing this place was pretty fun tbh

Not gonna lie, when i first found this place almost 2 years ago i didn´t have high expectations but *bleep*, this place got some deep lore. Even made a account so i could check out more of the features but i figured out that they aren´t this exciting since this place isn´t as active as it once was. Kinda sad that it has surpassed it´s golden age, would have been fun to post here. But who knows... may´be people find this place like i did and realize it´s more than just some forgotten forum. i sure as heck will stay here, waiting until spyro gets a better reputation again after what he´s been through..

Also the Spam Threads are the best. I hope someone archived this site on the waybackmachine already because it definitely deserves a spot there!
And yes i know everyone has been moving to the discord but idk how to even properly use that program without calling someone on accident lol

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#2 Feb 03, 2021 4:03 PM

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Re: Browsing this place was pretty fun tbh

Hahaha, yes, the lore is actually quite interesting imo! Though I am biased since I’m in a lot of it. tongue Shame it’s died down, even the Discord has quieted down these days.

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