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  1. Do not post inappropriate content. If you wouldn't see or hear it in a T-rated video game, it doesn't belong here. This includes sexual, violent, and/or shocking content. (Mild or infrequent swear/curse words are fine in external links, videos, or anything else that people can choose not to view while scrolling through a thread.)
  2. Don't advertise. If your first post is an advertisement for a product or another forum, we will assume you are a bot, and your account will be banned. Please contact a moderator to get permission to advertise your personal websites or your link will be removed. You may post links to your accounts on other websites such as YouTube or DeviantART without permission.
  3. Don't troll, insult, or harass people. Be respectful and treat others how you would like to be treated.
  4. Don't spam unless you are in the SPAM forum. Useless and/or severely off-topic messages are considered spam. These posts will be moved to the forum trash without warning.
  5. Don't tell other members what to do. If you aren't a moderator, don't try to act like one. If something is breaking the rules, please use the report button to notify a moderator instead of calling the poster out on "what they did."
  6. Don't double post unless a significant amount of time has gone by without new posts. If you have more information to add to a post you just made a few minutes ago, just edit the old post.
  7. Don't use large signature images. They can take a long time to load for people with slow connections, and they make thread views look sloppy. An ideal signature size is 468x60 pixels, with a maximum of about 700x200 pixels. If your signature is too big, it may be removed.
  8. Don't create duplicate accounts. You may not have more than one active account on this forum at any time. Duplicate accounts will be banned.
    • Tired of your old username? PM a moderator to get the username on your old account changed.
    • Is someone else using the same IP address as you? Let us know so we don't mistake your accounts for duplicates.
    • Forgot the password to your old account? Click here or contact a moderator to get it changed.
    • Were you permanently banned on another account? Sorry, no, you can't make another one.
    • Any other special circumstance? Contact a moderator before making the account so it does not get banned.
  9. No proxies. You must disable it to use this forum. If you are using a proxy, we will assume you are a member who was previously banned and ban your account.
  10. Please, no drama or hysterics. We just want to relax and have fun here, so please don't try to start anything.
  11. If you disagree with a decision made by a moderator, PM them. If you think there was a misunderstanding of some kind, let us know. We'll take what you have to say into consideration as long as you are polite and reasonable about it.
  12. These rules do not apply in SpyroChat or unofficial SpyroForum groups. These groups have their own rules which may differ from this list.
  13. Read and understand our privacy policy.

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