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Is Anime dead?

Early 2000s had hope. Here are some of the standards in those early years and even later of 2000s, pictures of some examples, you can even google it up.

This is more or less 2010 standards.


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Re: Is Anime dead?

I know , most animes and mangas today are made just toward what's trendy , but you can still find some gems from the "trash" if you look for them.
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Re: Is Anime dead?

... Steinar? is... is that you?

anyway, i'm not into manga or anime, but i have a friend who is, and he feels pretty much the same way as you, that anime is mostly a bunch of rather gross fan service, and that older anime is a lot better. i would agree, based on what my friend has shown me. but like Drako said, it seems there are still some worthwhile shows out there.

on the other hand, i had another friend whom i no longer talk to. he was really into anime as well but he liked this REALLY weird stuff. like, "i can't talk about this on SpyroForum" weird. so yeah, it definitely seems like anime is in a rough place right now.

edit: also, just to clarify, the quotes in those gifs are fake. Hayao Miyazaki didn't actually say those things.

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Re: Is Anime dead?

I watch a lot of reruns of anime on Netflix.

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Re: Is Anime dead?

Anime seem to be really popular in Czech these days o.O I myself watched only one, it was pretty good. I'm quite getting into nekos though, I even have hat with ears <.< I wish I had gloves with paws too..


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Re: Is Anime dead?

I never watch TV anymore, with the exception of anime. I do love me some good anime. Stormy and I are caught up on One Piece, coming close to the end of both Cowboy Bebop and Magi, and have watched through tons of other shows before this, and when I find the time I like to get in an episode of Bacanno or Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

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Re: Is Anime dead?

Anime isn't dead; it's just that a good portion of it isn't very good, like most other forms of entertainment. tongue


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