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#1 Mar 18, 2016 1:47 AM

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Weird, out of the trilogy this is the one with the least post..

From most people I've known spyro 2 is their favourite out of the trilogy. Spyro 3 being a close 2nd place, and spyro 1 the least favourite. Personally I hold the somewhat rare view that Spyro 3 is my least favourite in the trilogy. However still a good game, just not as good as it's previous installments.

So I'm just really surprised seeing there's far less posts in Spyro 2. And the last post being in january, almost 2 months ago.
But since this thread isn't about anything, I guess you could tell me in which order you'd put the original trilogy and potentially why.


#2 Jun 02, 2016 5:56 PM

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Re: Weird, out of the trilogy this is the one with the least post..

I actually agree that I didn't like the 3rd installment as much as the previous two. Not saying it wasn't a great game, but my criticisms can be read in the comment section of this video under "Treetops97".

That aside, it's strange that Spyro 2 gets less traffic on here than the other two. My best guess is that those that like the way Spyro 2 played would gravitate to 3 as I expands on that formula, while those that preferred the the first installment's mechanics would remain there.


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