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#1 Dec 02, 2023 2:51 PM

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All data deleted

Hi i just let u know guys what happend to my mom today. She playing spyro for 200 hours cca already done spyro 1 on 120% spyro 2 100% and she playing spyro 3 today we are on scorch boss fight about 70% compele game and what happend? Game crash and delete all her progress i dont have ps+ so i dont have cloud saves 200 hours gameplay vanished sad. She is very sad but it is what it is i guess. Now only i can do for her is i go home play it for myself go where se was and the she can continue. This never happend to me in any other game and i play games for 20 years lol. Btw cant wait for spyro 4 next weekn:P


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