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Crop Circle Country: RIPTOC INVASION – SPYRO Sighting – 06274032

    “Cross country road was a place of great harvest once, a land where life grew below your feet. We grew crop and raised cattle as far as the eye can see, for acres and acres. In school they taught us science without mentioning space; they never wanted us to know about potential invasion. We were so naïve back then, we thought we were safe." -Farmer Dill

    "The night of the invasion, I saw my first Riptoc. About 9-10 feet tall, a giant dinosaur. A T-rex looking type thing, with a full space suit outfit. They had no intentions of friendly communication for that matter. They became hostile at first sight. They had weaponry that I couldn’t… fully comprehend. They were like – laser pistols. And when they shot, it would vaporize the victim. A human, -- a soul who once lived in that body, gone. Turned to ash. The Riptocs were deadly and reeked havoc upon our ranch and nearby ranches. Early during the siege, they poisoned our crops. So many families got sick all at once, we couldn’t support each other." -Farmer John

    "We lost a lot of loved ones. If it wasn’t for Spyro coming through and dealing with them… I don’t know, we would’ve been wiped out. I wish Spyro a safe journey to saving Dragonflies. For now, my family will have to start repairs on the ranch. When he came through and wiped out all the Riptocs, he burned a lot of our crops in the process with his fire breath. I hope we can recover from this traumatic mark on our ranch." -Farmer Bill


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