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#1 Aug 18, 2020 5:04 PM

From: Cynder´s Basement
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I want my account to be deleted please


So some time ago, i made this account i´m using to write this post right now
but i was unable to get my password/log into my account for weeks or so.

So i made a duplicate called "Sey" to login.

Now that i am able to log into this account, as you can see, i was hoping one of the admins/mods would delete my Alt Account, if that was possible.

I fear that someone would somehow think i made an alt. just to troll or something and try to report me to one of the admins even if i didn´t made a post with neither of these accounts yet and already contacted one of the admins which didn´t gave a reply yet hmm

I joined the discord but i worried they would get irritated (most people i try to dm on a server on discord get annoyed pretty easily so i´m kinda worried about just sending them a dm on discord) and i also don´t know which of them is either a admin on the server or a admin on the forum (yes i am that confused)

I don´t think any of  the people in charge here will reply to my dm´s here anyways since this place seems kinda inactive, which is why i made this post. May´be someone could tell Stormy or anyone who has the power to delete the "Sey" duplicate Account about this.

(PS: This has awful grammar because i´m not a native english speaker)

Nvm pepsi is *bleep*, drink Water.


#2 Sep 12, 2020 2:52 AM

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Re: I want my account to be deleted please

Hi, sorry I haven’t logged in for a while. Thanks for letting me know about the accounts.


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