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#1 Jul 17, 2020 11:27 PM

From: Colossus
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Spyro 2 and 3 are on the PS4 2019 reprint disc.

Just in case this wasn't yet made public, the 2019 reprint of Spyro Reignited for PS4 does NOT require download, all game data for all three games is included on the disc. The box gives no indication of what version you'll get so your best telltale signs are this:

If the box is open it will include a leaflet for Crash Team Racing. Also, the disc will have 2019 printed on it. This is the same for both NTSC and PAL regions though the wording is different. Just look on the disc for 2019. If it says 2018 only then it's not the full version.

If the packaging is sealed, shake the box. The leaflet of CTR inside should rattle indicating it's the newer release.  The Switch version still requires download. I'm not sure about Xbox One as I'm a Playstation guy.

Alternatively, theres a collection disc of Spyro Reignited and CTR. Buying that gives you the complete reprint edition too.

Wasnt sure if this has been shared yet but it's important and nobody seems to be talking about it. Hope this helps!


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