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#1 May 09, 2019 6:37 AM

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Extended review over remake changes

Hey guys, I just wrote personal feeling based on oldest foundations found in original Spyro.
Someone might forget them, so just read review and say how you feel about that changes? Is that mandatory to you, when you read that lines?
I think it's outstanding mistakes made there.

I will review my remake feelings based on Rypto's Rage, since it's the main point of Spyro.

First impression is the game selector, feels like you're in wallpaper selector made within 5 minutes, not animated and cheap.
Main menu without Insomniac-like humor and without that lovely ringing sounds of menu selection. Just straight to the intro. Missing loading screen in fairy tale book style.

Then the intro. Where's that shining and floating golden letters on the 'Dragon Shores' gate? Oh, they were fascinating.
Old game kept you focused on expressive characters, gems, orbs and gates, in this new you don't know where to start looking. Overdetalised character faces merge with overly detailed terrain. It feels like designer couldn't stop his pencil on wacom display to add more and more.
I even didn't get what's happening in intro, so later I went back to ps1 youtube video to make sense.

First run.

Throwing flames doesn't give such satisfaction.
Originally, each flame felt like you throw a fist and it faces terrain with a distinctive sound and push of head.
You feel how you punch enemies with fire. You feel how you blow baskets and vases. You felt like you burst and smash.
Nowadays, it feels like it's made of paper and flame bursts out of Spyro like a gentle gas burner.
Timings between bursts have been decreased and you can literally spam with fires around. Moving camera would move the burst in air, making it easy to burn out whatever you see without being satisfied that you got a precise hit, knocked off and won the fight.

Orbs. Orbs is the main charm and obsession in this game, when you chase a quest and looking forward to a reward.
Remember that moments, when an Orb jumps up and down with Spyro's head following it (proving it's precious metal compound and real weight), and that feeling of your overwhelming joy? When they gift it to you out of pocket. And then that zzap sound with Zoe?

It's not there anymore. They don't even feel it. Orb just static and disappear in the air, and no more that famous zzap sounds. It feels like chinese replica. You feel cheated there as someone kicks your childhood memories.

Gems. After level is finished, they don't show off and fly all to your chest. Their counter just decrease with timer and that's all. LMAO, are you lazy? You must be whipped for this.

The fundamental satisfactions is broken.

Gems picking up sound is not as bright as old one. Vase blow out sound not that smashy. 'Colossus' level sing is nonsense. Water is not that transparent. View through Gates is foggy and not charming.

Pause menu design tells you there's no more genius hands on this game. It's like freelancer did mobile menu, while it was a white book with moving pages.
Passive camera by default, motion blur until March 2019 patch.
Who on the earth could make this with Spyro?

Honestly they should had been make 1 with 2 and then optionally release 3, since first two requires big efforts and they carry all the fame to PlayStation platform.

Extremely frustrated since I do realize they won't make any changes anymore.
Thank you anyway.

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#2 May 09, 2019 4:37 PM

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Re: Extended review over remake changes


#3 May 09, 2019 9:44 PM

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Re: Extended review over remake changes

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#4 Feb 08, 2020 6:27 PM

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Re: Extended review over remake changes


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