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#1 May 19, 2019 10:35 PM

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Rycma Ranks Every Reignited Trilogy Level :)

Spyro the Dragon has been in my life for as long as I can remember. I remember sitting in front of my T.V. downstairs flaming those sheep to ashes. Spyro: Year of the Dragon was the first game I have ever played if I can remember correctly. I remember the days of running around killing gnorcs or jumping up excitedly after beating the first boss of Ripto's Rage, Crush. Besides the bosses to fight, I always remember feeling a great deal of emotion when looking at those gleaming portals in the beautiful homeworlds. Each level is its own thing, different missions, fun locations, and creative enemies.

Now, as a Spyro veteran, when I initially heard about the Reiginited Trilogy in development, I didn't know how to feel. I didn't want the people making it to ruin Spyro. So, I avoided it. But one day, I got it on my PlayStation 4, and I actually really like it. Of course, some noises are different, like the voices of the penguins in Frozen Altars. Or even the warlocks' laughs in Cloud Temples. But, I have to say, Toys for Bob made bland levels like Mystic Marsh seem lively and... fun!

So I am here today to make a ranking of every Reiginited Trilogy level, 74-1.

There are some ground rules.
1. No Speedways/Flight levels.
2. Only boss fights from game one are allowed.
3. No bonus levels, like Gnasty's Loot.
4. Sparx levels aren't allowed.

Here are the levels:


Artisans - Stone Hill - Dark Hollow - Town Square - Toasty
Peace Keepers - Dry Canyon - Cliff Town - Ice Cavern - Doctor Shemp
Magic Crafters - High Caves - Alpine Ridge - Wizard Peak - Blowhard
Beast Makers - Misty Bog - Terrace Village - Tree Tops - Metalhead
Dream Weavers - Dark Passage - Lofty Castle - Haunted Towers - Jacques
Gnorc Nexus - Gnorc Cove - Twilight Harbor - Gnasty Gnorc


Summer Forest - Glimmer - Colossus - Idol Springs - Hurricos - Sunny Beach - Aquaria Towers
Autumn Plains - Skelos Badlands - Crystal Glacier - Breeze Harbor - Zephyr - Scorch - Fracture Hills - Magma Cone - Shady Oasis
Winter Tundra - Mystic Marsh - Cloud Temples - Robotica Farms - Metropolis


Sunrise Spring - Sheila's Alp - Sunny Villa - Cloud Spires - Molten Crater - Seashell Shores
Midday Gardens - Sgt. Byrd's Base - Icy Peak - Enchanted Towers - Spooky Swamp - Bamboo Terrace
Evening Lake - Bentley's Outpost - Frozen Altars - Lost Fleet - Fireworks Factory - Charmed Ridge
Midnight Mountain - Agent 9's Lab - Crystal Islands - Desert Ruins - Haunted Tomb - Dino Mines

Hint for #74:

Hidden text

The most boring level in the last homeworld of its game.

See you soon, frenlins!

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#2 May 20, 2019 2:20 AM

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Re: Rycma Ranks Every Reignited Trilogy Level :)

looking forward to this! smile while i definitely don't always agree with what people say in these ranking lists, i think it's really interesting to see what people have to say.

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