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#1 Nov 24, 2018 12:28 AM

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The Legend of Spyro: The Ice Man Cometh

Through the years of the world of dragons, peace is maintained thanks to Spyro and his friends. Though that peace will be short as an Ice Crystal grew into the center of Warfang. The dragons of Warfang were in awe and in curiosity seeing such a thing happen but research quickly began to uncover what is going on.....there is a sense of dread and dispair that surrounds the Crystal not to mention intense cold that would burn even nomadic Ice Dragons. Though it is said that a crystal was once found in the Old World....

Would Spyro and his friends discover the true purpose of the Crystal? Or would this be a sign of the End Times to come?


#2 Nov 24, 2018 12:33 AM

Mr. John
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Re: The Legend of Spyro: The Ice Man Cometh

Sounds good and I'm in Comminssar_Scott_Of_Kreig I'm down to RP if it's okay.

I'll post my characters after but since it's your RP you go first and post yours.

Reaching your end destination can feel like climbing a mountain, but you can get there!


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