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I love everything in Reignited except...

...the music. Why? The music isn't awful, but compared to the originals, it kind of... sucks? Even though I know the music will be dynamic, the samples sound kinda tinny and weak. (If you don't know, samples are the sounds used to represent the instruments in MIDI programs.) Not to crap on the guy who made the Reignited music, but they need better samples. I know they probably can't get the original samples, but I feel they should've spent more money on something better.

tl;dr: The sounds used for the instruments suck.


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Re: I love everything in Reignited except...

I do prefer the original music, but IMO the new music isn't necessarily bad, just slightly different.

I know a lot of people are really complaining about the music in the game, but for whatever reason it doesn't really bother me thus far.



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Re: I love everything in Reignited except...

I was not a huge fan either. It seemed to lack a lot of the depth of the original soundtrack. Granted, some of the footage at E3 was pretty low-quality and not necessarily direct capture with great audio, so I can't judge too much without getting my hands on the game myself.

They are also working from the ground up on this, so they're probably trying to emulate the soundtrack to match their new style, while taking creative liberties like we've seen with the character designs. I'm more interested on how well it all flows together in the end. If all the songs are cohesive and create a new kind atmosphere that's different from the originals, I'm all for that. We all have the original soundtrack ready to listen to at the push of a button, and copies of the original games anyway.


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