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SpyroEdit Stuff [Spyro 3]

stuff i discover in SpyroEdit that i think other people would find interesting. if anyone else plays with SpyroEdit, feel free to add to this!

Sheila's Alp, Sgt Byrd's Base, etc etc
you can enter these characters' levels as Spyro. normally you'd need CheatEngine or GameShark or something to do this, but you can do it with SpyroEdit, too! just put in a random object number and RIGHT when the level starts to appear, click "Go To", and Spyro will be teleported to that object before the other character starts talking smile

Seashell Shore
1. (NOTE: CRASHES GAME) at the end of the level, there's that octopus that's holding the seal. its Object ID is 112. set its "State" to 2. you'll see the seal again! his Object ID is 145. set his "State" to 1. if i remember right, you can talk to him, but nothing will happen after that. if you CHARGE THE OCTOPUS, the prison bars will close instead of open, the seal will talk to you, and he'll swim over to the portal. but then the game crashes. i'm sure there's more you can do with this?

Sunrise Spring
1. did you know every portal in the game has a minimum egg requirement? it's true! it's just that apparently, most of them are zero! the "State" for all activated portals is 5. set them to 4 to get the egg requirement. however, most of the time, the egg icon will just go away and the portal will reappear since you have the required egg amount already. the Object ID for Sheila's portal is 206. the object ID for Cloud Spires is 162. set each one's "State" to 4 to see its egg requirement. (note: i don't know if it'll work for all people, but i got Cloud Spires' egg icon to stay!)

2. these only work for the spaceship. i don't know about the other ones yet. its Object ID is 188. if you set its "State" to 4, the screen will go black, and you'll appear outside the ship, like when you land from somewhere. if you set its State to 5, you'll take off in the ship. but since you didn't input a destination, the ship doesn't have anywhere to go, so its colors will just glitch up and the game will crash.

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