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#1 Jun 18, 2017 5:35 PM

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I dont think NES saved gaming

It saved North American interest in video game consoles, but USA as far as i know isnt the world. Europe had Commodore 64 and Amiga which did incredibly well, and SEGA Master System outsold the NES in Europe. And Japan basically was going really well in general. Thats basically why NES is really nothing special in Europe compared to USA where its much more glorified by a minority of elitists who say everything outside NES is just graphics and they dont care about the game... those people basically, you know who likes to talk down on others who likes PS1 games or other games that isnt about the NES.

I mean... would PC gaming be the worst thing to happen. I mean i even prefer PC DOS or SEGA Master System over NES. Because the NES have a terrible 8 bit sound quality, you go deaf if you listen too it for too long, the games itself is ok though but the music is terrible. While some may argue the same for the intro in King's Quest 1 DOS version, but it sort is aware like alright, we wont play this all the time... thats what i like. And when i play Phantasy star 1, it works. NES is just not that great, its just a really old over glorified brick in my view and other games on other systems was vastly superior to it at the time.

Basically what Nintendo should get credit for is taking advantage of the situation when American Video Game console market crashed, but thats about it.

But what do you think?

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