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#1 Nov 06, 2016 4:04 PM

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Meele only challenge.

Inspired by the charge or flame only challenge, combat in normal situations is to be done with meele only.

Eventually done with all of the LOS games. But I'm starting with ANB. I feel like TEN is going to be the real challenge. Dark Spyro triangle attack counts as an elemental attack.

Death count:
2 in Dante's Freezer.
4 deaths fighting the Ice King (2 because I got caught in his spinning shield.)
4 deaths in Tall Plains.
3 deaths in Munitions Forge.
1 death to Steam.
Concurrent Skies: 4 (But, really 5 because of a glitch, I got stuck on an electric cannon and I couldn't get free.)
Cynder boss fight: 3
Cynder covexity fight: 3

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