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Rate The First Game's Levels! - Part 1: Artisans Homeworld

This is a concept I thought of to determine what the majority's favourite levels in the first Spyro game are (I'm planning on doing the same thing with Spyro 2 and 3 too if enough people are voting).

However, I didn't want to put all of the game's levels into one post as it would make it a bit too "bloated", so I'm splitting this into six parts that I'll be posting after certain amounts of times (one post per week is my current plan). I'll post the results of each level in the following part.


Finally, the polls:

Artisans Homeworld (the level itself):

Stone Hill:

Dark Hollow:

Town Square:

Sunny Flight:



If anyone has trouble finding a good rating: Just stick to all possible aspects and details that can be put into a level. As only some examples, the atmosphere it creates on you, the design, the innovation, the visuals, the right difficulty, the size, special aspects that stand out, the music, your personal enjoyment in general, all these little details that influence the quality of a level.

Happy voting!

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