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#1 Apr 13, 2016 7:25 PM

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Mario Kart 64 unlockables?

I was playing this today. And i beat all 4 GP modes in 150cc and got the golden trophies. And what i got was something called Extra, and a slightly disappointed background on the title screen. Although it might look rough but i like it sunny ^^.
The only thing i liked about this unlockable stuff was the OST in the credits, but thats it.

Hidden text

This is what you get when you havent unlocked the EXTRA (Which mirrors stages which i kinda am ok without) I erased it and got this back again.

And this is when you unlock Extra.

But i was wondering. Is there any point in unlocking the 50cc, 100cc and Extra, basically they dont have golden trophies like 150cc has when i did them? I was wondering if there is any point other than for fun.

I either way prefer to delete it, 'cause its fine the way it is. If someone unlocks Extra more or less.

But curious to hear your views?

Edit: Although some may kill me for this but i consider Wave Race 64 a better and more fun racing game than Mario Kart on N64, although later mario karts are fun though. I guess its because the music feels so SNES even though its in 3d, i just embraces the fun racing experience in it ^^. But Mario Kart 64 has its fun moments but not as fun as CTR. And in terms of one superior on n64 i had to pick Wave Race 64. Tried it and its pretty nice i think.

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#2 Apr 14, 2016 1:05 AM

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Re: Mario Kart 64 unlockables?

Man I haven't played Mario Kart 64 in ages lol.

I have changed my username from Justin Long Fanatic to EricChristianOlsenFanatic, so Justin Long Fanatic is my old name on this site, and EricChristianOlsenFanatic is my new one.


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