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#1 Mar 24, 2007 6:44 PM

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go inside shell / glider glich / go in tree

ok this is sssssssssssoooooooooooooo cool!  I found these when I was playing as ember (I got all the flame eggs by the way)  ok I will start with the "go in tree" glitch.  You need to go to certain trees ( The one near the professor's lab, the one near the force-field and the one near the gate *not the one in the corner of moneybag's shop*)   Then go to the side of any of the trees I listed.   Go slightly under the hollow part and head bash.   If you did it right, then you will be standing in mid-air next to the tree and the camera will be doing funny things ( if this doesn't happen, you probably did it on the wrong side of the tree   :-P   )  Next go forward and you wil be inside the tree  big_smile  To get out, walk though the tree.  Now for the next 2 glitches, you need to be in the coastal remains.  Actually, the glider glich and the go inside shell are 2 gliches that make one.  Now go to the round shell with the curtain in front of the entryway (the one near the teleportation system) and where you see the palm trees you will notice that there are two rocks, a little one and a tall one.  Jump on the little one and then aim for the shell.  If you get there and you start looking like you are going to fall off, then go left and you'll be on the shell.  (Notice how there is a barrier on the brown thing keeping the curtain up)  Go to the very edge of the right side of the brown thing.  Jump and double jump onto the barrier.  (It is like a U)  Go into the middle of the U and keep in a glide position.  If you did it correctly, no matter how long you glide, you will still be in the middle.  Now you have entered the glider glitch!

Slowly glide to your right till you cannot glide any further.  Then you will notice you are falling in midair   smile   But then look down and you are right on top of the border.  Let spyro scream 3 times, resume gliding position, and you will be inside the shell.  There is nothing in there, but it is fun to get to.  To get out, just walk through the shell. 

How does it work for you guys?


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#2 Mar 24, 2007 9:03 PM

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Re: go inside shell / glider glich / go in tree

ha sounds cool. Will have to try it when i get a new gamecube, or a wii.

I took a hacksaw to my gamecube, and it never seemed to work after that...



#3 Mar 25, 2007 1:18 PM

Zekira Drake
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Re: go inside shell / glider glich / go in tree

Ž · I think you forgot to mention the glitch in the Dragonfly falls wherein you're walking in a certain part of the place, then suddenly you fall into the ground and you will see Spyro as if he was falling, and you will never fall because the distance between the 'ground' and the 'ground' is infinite. *bleep* it, I hate it when that happens because I'm forced to restart the game.



#4 Dec 10, 2007 7:11 PM

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Re: go inside shell / glider glich / go in tree

never heard of those glitches before. i found a reallly weird one about a month ago. i cant remember which level sadly :'(  , but when i fell, i landed in solid black air (weiiirrd) and there was a diagram in the top-left corner of the screen, which showed spyro from the bottom in silver, kind of like when u go invincible. weird, huh?

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