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#1 Jan 08, 2015 5:21 AM

From: Spyro'sNotDeadFricklandersIs
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Ditch the Stone, Keep the Threat of the Shadow Realm

I've decided that it would have been better to ditch the stone and to focus the Shadow Realms's reason for existing on Dark Gems. It definitely still won't help a great deal, but it could have opened up more story opportunities, especially since I see a good chance that if a successor somehow exists, there'll be tougher enemies that'll harness the power from the gems. Besides, the stone doesn't have a deep focus point. It could have been their choice to ditch the second dimension entirely, so they can focus on the Shadow creatures being threats that emerge from "hells" and actually give Spyro a challenge, rather than be in one dimension and just not do any good in general.

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