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#1 Dec 05, 2014 6:48 PM

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Is the greatest hits version different from the OG?

I was reading the board posts on gamefaqs and someone pointed this out:

OK, so I originally had the regular copy. It broke, so a few years later got another copy and it was the greatest hits version. Even with a 6 year gap, I knew something wasn't right. Here's everything I noticed with it:

-The collision detection is godawful. Not only do I have to be pinpoint precise with Spyro's charge attack, but enemies' short-range attacks can get me from even further back.
-Non-enemy creatures (ex: that give butterflies) (and enemies after they're defeated) can really push Spyro back. I killed one of the green wizards in Magic Crafters and his body was fallen over; walk past him, barely touching him and Spyro gets bumped back as if he glided into a mountain slope.
-The flame attack is garbage now. At first i thought enemy/boss patterns changed... but no. For some reason, the flame attack has both a limited range and it occasionally doesn't even work. An example of the latter: while fighting Blowhard, the flame goes right into his head and does nothing.
-The 2nd worst problem is the camera responsiveness. I recall setting it to Active made it pretty useful in my first copy. In the greatest hits version, it does squat. Most of the time, it works the same way as Passive mode and sometimes, I even have to manually adjust the camera angle.
-The controls. I know there was a big gap where I didn't play the game, but I never recalled the controls being offensively bad. It's sometimes unresponsive; when I was fighting Dr Shemp and the Blowhard boss, I wanted to jump, but it didn't work and I took a hit. The controls are also poorly coordinated. Often when I simply turn, Spyro starts moving straight more than turning; so I have to run ahead a bit and then completely turn around back. But then the turning is way too sensitive when Spyro walks/runs; I press left/right a bit and Spyro readjusts at breakneck speed. The biggest annoyance with this is when several treasure chests are along a curved lineup and I try to charge through them all. Because of the drastic turning speed, as well as bad collision detection, I can wind up missing every single treasure chest I was charging straight into.

Fed up and suspicious, I managed to find a non Greatest Hits copy yesterday, what I originally had. Guess what? None of these problems were there. So, I'm wondering. Is it just my particular GH copy that's screwed up or is this really what was considered appropriate in a re-release?

There's also some differences in music cues for some of the levels. Many of them seem to play other tracks when their primary one finishes; many levels play the end credits theme as a secondary music.

http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/198754-s … n/66360414
Apparently, the GH version has worse controls, camera and hit detection compare to the original. Can anyone conform this?

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#2 Dec 05, 2014 7:20 PM

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Re: Is the greatest hits version different from the OG?

I own the greatest hits version of the game and have beaten it 100% 5 times I believe. I NEVER had any issues with it. Not sure what this person was experiencing, but I feel if this was an issue with the greatest hits version of the game, it would've been more well known. Although I haven't played the original edition, I doubt problems like that would ever appear in the 2nd edition of the game. Maybe he got a bootleg copy lol, I don't know, but the problems listed here never happened to me...

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