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Collectionist 100%.. then what?

I like collecting dragonflies and gems big_smile, so its a pleasure in itself i guess. I just beat the game on 100%. All gems and dragonflies collected. But the thing is i just beat Ripto and now i can't seem to leave the boss area, whenever i load the game i have to fight him. And when i press start it doesn't have an option to "Exit Area"

So i was just wondering. Is there any point of collecting all the dragonflies and gems other than defeating the boss. Or do you have to have perfect gems and dragonflies in order to actually fight the final boss, because i started out as a collectionist as i went along in each levels. Or do you get a different ending with all the gems and dragonflies.

Just curious if it has any effect whether i collect all gems and dragonflies?

Edit: Never mind. I found it. Well it was fun in its own way. I did fight the three forms. So that makes sense. I wonder what you guys think.

Ripto's "Alternate" Forms
Fighting Ripto is the last task in the game. But if you don't have a 100% rating, you haven't truly beaten the game. Ripto has three forms in the final battle for you to defeat. Only by getting 100% can you fight Ripto's final form and get the good ending to the game... the second form becomes available after you reach a milestone in your percentage, but only getting 100% will allow you to see the good ending and truly beat Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly.

Alternate Endings
See "Ripto's Alternate Forms" above... the good ending is only obtained after fighting all three forms of Ripto in the final battle. The only way to get all three forms of Ripto to appear is to get a 100% rating in the game... that means all 90 Dragonflies and 7,000 Gems are obtained.

Source: http://www.ign.com/wikis/spyro-enter-th … ly/Secrets

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