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#1 Aug 06, 2014 9:43 PM

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This game is alot like Spyro 1...

Playing through this and the first one again, I noticed that of all the Spyro games, these two are very similar.
1. The goals are similar. There are few sidequests or minigames aside from the sparx levels, but instead require the player to locate the dragons/fairies either through tasks or by simply finding them.
2. The story is simple, like the original.
3. The flight levels are quick and difficult like the original.
That being said, there are things in this game that could have possibly perfected the PS1 game if Insomniac had time to implement them there.
1. Since the methods of acquiring fairies is through locating the or preforming tasks(usually 1 per level), Vicarious Visions implemented diverse ways of getting these fairies the keep the game fresh like chasing thieves, flaming objects in levels and giving the player a different main task per level. The last one is somewhat present in Spyro 1 but not implemented enough, you free fairies in lofty castle, flame knights in haunted towers and chase thieves to unlock doors in gnasty's loot.
2. The fight levels are difficult in both but this game wins in two areas, a mini-boss is placed at the end of each level, and the game makes the player go through the speedway a second time under a trickier time limit, something that would've extended the flight levels in Spyro 1.
3. In each level, like the Spyro 2 and 3, there are objects to flame in each level that grsant the player a reward if they flame a certain number. this could have extended the amount of time the player spends in Spyro 1's levels if it had be implemented there. There are flammable objects in that game but they don't reap any reward. Another thing to add is that there are no skillpoints in that game either.
My point is that if and HD trilogy remake comes out, adding details like the listed to Spyro 1 would smooth out the issues with the number of tasks in that game and lengthen the experience.

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