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#101 Jun 18, 2014 6:56 PM

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Re: Spyroforum Fan Game!

Sheep wrote:

I'm in favor for sidescrolling of some kind, but I do like GameBoyBlues top-down concept. It's much better suited for the free-roaming and exploration from the 3d games, but the platforming would suffer, and I'm personally not very comfortable with how top-down(completely top-down, not like A Link to the Past etc, I like those) looks in general.

How platforming could work in a top down game... not that I think we will be doing that as it seems sidescroller is where there is the most interest... but how it COULD be done is to have 4 or 5 altitudes assigned to segments of the map. When you begin a jump you go up 2 altitudes, and as you glide you slowly decrease in altitude until you are the same as the ground you are over and land.

Great, Gekoncze smile
I added a grid terrain and camera object to your gravity:
http://host-a.net/u/Greenblizzard/Spyro … tforms.zip
I commented out your screen edge collision and replaced it with some code to collide with the terrain. Not entirely sure if how I made the view affect drawn things was the best way to do it, but meh tongue

I guess it was easy? I did notice there are some bugs related to double jumping or more and eventually you shoot up like a rocket! yikes

GameBoyBlue: Yes, I made that, except for the stone texture, which I could have made myself, but I just wanted to make the illustration really quick tongue

We are very fortunate to have a lot of overlapping talent. Artists, Programmers, Writers. This project is going to get finished, even if someone has other matters that take them away from it. Others can step in so we are a very resilient group.

RadSpyro: I certainly want something that at least looks similar to the Dragon Realms.

RadSpyro wrote:

Looking good.

Also, I'll try to get a more complete version of the story soon. Has anyone been thinking about what types of levels we'll be having yet? Returning to the Dragon Realms, or a brand new world?

If you are inspired, then write. If not, don't worry about it yet, because we don't know how big or many levels we are going to do and how big the game will be, or if even a story should be involved or just get in the way. I would prefer a story(like yours and bursts) though not if its tacked on, because we felt we HAD to have one.

I have a suggestion:

How about 3 Realms, with 3 Levels each, 1 being a Boss(1 Boss per Realm). To enter a Level you enter a Portal in the Realm. This can be like Orange where you walk into the background:


A scaled back version would be to only have 1 Realm. And a middle ground would be to add more Levels to that 1 Realm.

Anyway, might 1 Realm, with 2 Normal Levels and 1 Boss Level(just like a normal level but with a boss at the end), might that be a good place to start?


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Re: Spyroforum Fan Game!

Since this thread was meant to be dedicated to signups, and all the positions are filled, I'm going to lock and sticky this one. New working thread coming soon with general information we've decided on.


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Re: Spyroforum Fan Game!

Ill be QA and tell you everything thats wrong with it.

First problem: Its spyro fangame.



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