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The legend of spyro the forgotten evil

Hey what is up spyro fans my name in spyrofan115 of course u didn't know that I'm new so I have an idea for a new spyro animated legend and i need a lot of help with this the characters are below




Cesar: me




Alot more to go





The wisp of darkness:

The wisp of light:

Lil bit more



Head assassain:

assassain 1-10

There done finnaly

To get into the roleplay must must be 9+ years of age must be polite,patient and awesome at acting some parts will have long scripts some will not you have to put emotion into the character u play here is the story

Here is one of my characters information. His name is Cesar he lived such a happy life until the night where he lost everything, he is an   abandoned dragon who is left on his own because all of his family have been killed but before his parents were killed they locked Cesar away to protect him but 7 years later Spyro and Cynder find the contained dragon in the leftovers of his home that's where the storyline begins he also being hunted down by a group of elite assassins he also fixed the world by sacrificing all of his memories which were separated into soul pieces. But what no one knew is that Cynder is in fact his long lost sister. Cesar can also give up half of his energy to help the suffering. Cesar's elements are water light, space and blue fire. No one except Cynder trusts him so he decides to leave to find his true meaning. The next time Spyro and Cynder find Cesar is at an old temple but he doesn't look the same his curse had been destroyed and he has his memory back and form but there's one thing missing he found out that the last assassin revived Malefor and the wisp of darkness back so Spyro, Cynder, Cesar and Michelle team up to destroy malefor the wisp of darkness and the head assassain. What do you think about that is it good. If it is just say it.Thank you for taking your time in the world to look at this it took me two weeks of thinking and six days of character designing. Hope all of you liked the storyline if you have your own characters i will be more than happy to add them to the story. This was spyrofan115 i wish a good day thx


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