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#26 Oct 27, 2010 3:44 AM

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Re: The movie was cancelled... now what?

36IStillLikeSpyro36 wrote:
jamieque wrote:

Personally, the whole concept of making a Legend of Spyro movie was a bad idea to begin with. The only way to make a Spyro movie that will pull in both sides of the fractured fanbase and may even heal the rift is to make a film that merges the two realities into one... ohhh... wait that is what my film trilogy is doing....

Never mind... I just really wish I could get some actual support and assistance from the fans of this franchise. You guys want a Spyro film welll I am making 3 of them currently.... Care to lend some assistance by any chance?

we would support it if there was something to support besides a bunch of big ideas that conveniently keep getting pushed back again and again and again. i'm really looking forward to 2009 when that official site gets launched, or 2008 when the first movie comes out. tons of people have called you out on it, and you seem to conveniently ignore that like you conveniently push back everything you announce.

yikes Ouch...

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#27 Oct 27, 2010 4:11 AM

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Re: The movie was cancelled... now what?

Like it matters now

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#28 Oct 28, 2010 8:40 PM

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Re: The movie was cancelled... now what?

Eh, I think this should not be completely deleted per say, merely moved into the Trash thread in case of the unlikely possibility of an alternate movie being announced.

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