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#26 Mar 21, 2008 9:29 AM

From: Who wants to know?
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Re: I'm Very sure....

Was that an answer to me?
Well, anyway, i meant more of the kind of arguments that make people angry and leave...that kinda happened on another forum recently and it was NOT fun.
If you meant just normal debates, then hell yeah i love em'!
Heheheh, i can be pretty *bleep* evil sometimes...unless i'm depressed.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions...I just don't want to hear them. (kidding).


#27 Mar 21, 2008 10:01 AM

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Re: I'm Very sure....

Some people take debates too seriously, i am not one of those people, now back on topic...


#28 Mar 26, 2008 7:49 PM

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Re: I'm Very sure....

Sparx can talk- If they only played the originals, they wouldn't of got the idea of him talking

Actually no. It's actually kind of an obvious move, to make Sparx able to talk? it's not like it takes any incredible brainpower to come up with a different interpretation of the same character. Writers and game designers do it all the time: putting new twists on things comes qwith the territory.

Methinks this topic is grasping at straws, somewhat. Though I guess they probably kept the bits of the old games that they thought would stil lwork well.

Sure they played the old games before making TLoS: that's exactly what <i>fanfic</i> writers do before they write fanfiction, right? It'd be kinda silly to design a game for a well known character entirely from scratch without even bothering to rememebr at least something about what made the original games popular.




#29 Jan 02, 2010 1:10 PM

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Re: I'm Very sure....

They got the name "Cynder" from Spyro ETD. There was a dragonfly called Cinder in the Dragonfly Dojo.

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#30 Jan 02, 2010 2:48 PM

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Re: I'm Very sure....

The main antagonist in Shadow Legacy was a purple dragon simply known as 'The Sorcerer'. Weird, Malefor is a purple dragon who was known in the first (and second, I suppose) games of The Legend of Spyro as 'The Dark Master'. Maybe if the Shadow Legacy storyline had been continued (it was left on a cliffhanger with 'The Sorcerer is defeated but still alive' - like in The Legend of Spyro!) we would have found out his name. Also, both use Dark Gems, and both controlled a dragon (The Sorcerer controlled Red, The Dark Master controlled Cynder).

I personally think that SL - and AHT, I suppose - was some sort of a tribute to TLoS as they're so similar. In SL, Elder Thomas took the role of the leader of the Order of Dragon Elders, like Ignitus. From him and the other elders he learnt combat moves as well as ice breath (and he had multiple breaths in AHT). I suppose you could link the Manwersmalls and The Professor in AHT/SL, but in the Gateway to Glimmer guide The Professor was said to be a mole.

Also, in SL you see Hunter's family! There's a female adult cheetah, a male adult cheetah, a female child cheetah, and his father, who happens to be a king. DotD reference or what? You see The Prof.'s sister, too.

I was wondering if the Atlawas were a reference to Elora, but...

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