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#1 Apr 11, 2009 10:09 AM

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How do I save when ever I want?

I have exactly the same problem as below
( … pid=941699)
The answer did not help me. Can you?

"First let me just saw i'm fairly new to the Wii and is i'm missing something simple i'm sorry. While playing Spryo how do i save the game at my current location so i may turn it off. It seem to only revert back to the last "auto-save" and it won't let me, or i can't find the option to manually save at my current location.

I have try going into the menu and select"autosave" and i select a game location. It appears to be saving but when i exit and go back in to that game, with the correct time stamp, it's nowhere near the location i was at.

please help i have already lost hours of game time because it won't save when i tell it to.

Thanking you in advance..."


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Re: How do I save when ever I want?

This same thing happened to me on the PS2. I figured the game just saved you at certain "checkpoints," so I would just rush ahead until I saw the autosave kick in

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