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#1 Nov 03, 2008 3:49 AM

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Shadow legacy help.

How do you open the doors to the first shadow minion. i have 3 relics. weres the last. please help. and were are the digging tools for clifftown?


#2 Nov 05, 2008 12:10 AM

From: Fireball's world
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Re: Shadow legacy help.

walk up to the door and press the button it tells you to press then.
And the digging tools are in the real world at Mole city or what ever it's called, at the part where u save Sis, It's there in the real world.


#3 Dec 29, 2008 12:10 AM

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Re: Shadow legacy help.

just finish a level and you will get
a relic but my friend has all the
relics he can get. 26 eggs but
his game is gliched so he can
t get past. me on the other hand
i have finished it heaps
.......ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! i
just remembered have you
done the bears level if not
when you get to the intersection
go down and follow the mushrooms
and just for fun do not have any
magic an turn your ds sound up
all the way!!


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