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Thaumatic Dragon, an original track in Spyro 1's style

Hi all! I'm an independent musician and I recently released an album Called 'Never Obsolete', about music made with defunct samples and synths. I had been wanting to do a track in the style of the Spyro soundtracks for ages, and I was finally able to thanks to the excellent Spyro Soundfont collection. Some links, then:

Bandcamp (free download):
Bandcamp only lets me give out a certain number of downloads for free, so if I run out, you can also get it from my website for free.

The song is released under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license. Any bandcamp\streaming revenues from this album will be donated to and the free software foundation. I started this a few days after 1.0 version of the soundfont was released. I definitely want to give the 1.2 a try sometime soon. Anyway, let me know what you think!


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Re: Thaumatic Dragon, an original track in Spyro 1's style

sounds pretty good!! smile i always love music people make with that Spyro soundfont thing.

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