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#1 Jan 06, 2019 11:13 AM

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Screenshots (and other pictures!) for Reignited and other Spyro games

Go ahead and post here the best, funniest, coolest and most random shots and pics you have if you like smile
I had a plethora of fun with the seemingly random poses in different (glitchy) situations in the Reignited

how to post pictures (for example):
Get an url from the image: go to imgur.com (for example) and post your images to your own personal account (takes about 60 seconds to make an account) -> you'll get an url -> on this forum, the posting is done by inputting "[img]YOUR_IMAGE-URL_HERE[/img]" (that's what I did, at least). (The "[img]" and "[/img]" that I wrote in the previous sentence can be seen as such in this text because there's no actual image url in-between them.)

bExgxyA.jpg   "so, what are You, some kind of a dragon?"
KVj9RE8.jpg    lava pose
Fmnq7mq.jpg  cute lava Spyro
YBZHVq2.jpg  "yummy hand!"
iqx2scL.jpg      GREEN TAIL SPYRO o.o
PJ0Ol7G.jpg     :3 "don't bully my green little brother"
ofiucd1.jpg      just What is going on here
Tu1rJCZ.jpg    "hewwwwwoo"
WYAw5M8.jpg  "Well you're certainly not a dragon..."
lUh4Z1B.jpg    The floor
zJk2rTp.jpg     "Woooaahh... I look so cool!"

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…yet they always end in complication [some tritones as well to make it sound off]
but what bugs me the most is their.. careless, ignorant, inadvertent…” [guitar more and more intense, Chief turning to purple]
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