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#1 Feb 24, 2018 4:09 PM

From: Kent
Registered: Dec 29, 2006
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Playing Spyro 1,2,3

Hi guys, I dunno where to post this, but recently I've been playing Spyro 1,2,3 on my PS Vita. Yes I said PS Vita, it seems these games can be downloaded onto the handheld, and they work pretty well on it. I am doing a feature on my YouTube channel where I play Spyro 1,2,3, but here's the thing, I play 1 level per world in Spyro 1, 2 levels per world in Spyro 2, and 3 levels per world in Spyro 3. I plan to 100% percent each level to make it a bit better to do, and play. I'll link you to part 1 of the 3 Spyro games.


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