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#1 Apr 15, 2017 5:16 PM

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Final Fantasy 13 trilogy is in my view the best series made by Square

I know alot of people hate it. But i dont like much of their games mostly. I have beaten 7, 13 and lightning returns. I have devoted time to FF1 NES on Wii, i got two light crystals and stopped there, and i played FF3 Remake on steam which i got to Xande on level 55 but quit and deleted the save, or saved over to be exact, i never finished it.

The problems i tend to have with old Squaresoft games, is not so much that they are bad games. Its just the type of games that the more i play, the same problem i have with world of warcraft too, its too much of the same and i get easily bored playing such games, the more bored i get. You know its kinda like Discord in MLP.

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What makes FF13 so different is that it brings more action packed RPG into it. And thats why i overall liked it. Square brought a new director and made it different, and i dont know why some people hate Lightning, i think she looks cool and awesome.

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