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Hunting for Dragon Eggs

*This is RP about Dragons forming a team to scout for Dragon Eggs. The main goal of this RP is to work as a team and make sure team work is used, talk to each other and ask about hints or to help each other in some way. You may post what dragon you may use here before the story begins. In that case you can use this *Insert dragon info* So that it won't be confused for the story itself.*

*Here is my Dragon

Name: Creg
Age: 23
Gender: Male

And i'll just post a pic of how it looks like

And i'll start the opening of the story. If anyone has a suggestion what the commander dragon would look like then thats ok too. I am just using a non descriptive one currently*

Commander Dragon: We have a map of Dragon Shores. You are ment to check out here, here and here. "3 X on the map" These locations are your priorities for today. If you find any be sure to report it back to the Dragon council of elders. Now do your best and you will be back here in no time!
"Dragons flies off to these locations"

Ban reason: Duplicate account of Steinar


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