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#1 Oct 28, 2016 7:36 PM

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An RPG featuring the five Classic Spyro dragon families.

THIS IS NOT A GAME I'M MAKING! I'm a writer, not a game developer.

Over the years, I've fallen in love with RPGs and games where you create the characters you're playing as. I read the description of the five dragon families from the Classic Spyro game and added my own spin on it to work within an RPG game.

The Artisans are your bards, they prefer to tal their way out of situations rather than fight. And they can boost the morale of their team.

The Peace Keepers are your fighters and tanks, They can take a hit and dish out meele damage.

The Magic Crafters are your mages, they can do things like create wirlwinds, give themselves the power of flight, superflame, supercharge, invincibility, ect. And they can also give their team these abilities as well. And they're also enchanters, healers and alchemists.

The Beast Makers are your summoners, they conjure beasts to fight for them, and I even imagine them riding their beasts. And they can create flying creatures and ride them places that they couldn't reach before. And you get a character customization screen where you can choose what your beasts look like and customize them like you could in Spore, with as little limitation as possible.

The Dream Weavers are your illusionists, they make enemies' worst fears come to life and while they're distracted the dragon can take them out. And they can also make enemies attack each other.

All of these dragons have to level up their skills in order to do greater things. I imagine a Skyrim like level up system. There's even a flying skill set for all dragons.
Character customization is going to be the first thing, you get to make your own dragon, male or female, choose their looks, their family, ect.

I LOVED the fighting in TLOS. so I want the fighting system to be like that, especially if you grab the enemy and start smashing into the ground. The elemental attacks start out in the classic style, but then as you level up it morphs into the TLOS style.

This will never be a thing, I know. (Unless I start a company, but tweak the ideas around so I don't get sued for stealing Insomniac's ideas.) But it is fun to think about...


#2 Jan 31, 2017 4:38 PM

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Re: An RPG featuring the five Classic Spyro dragon families.

Why hasn't anyone noticed this yet? This would be a great game if it was developed enough!


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Re: An RPG featuring the five Classic Spyro dragon families.

I love RPGs as well, and I think you matched up classes with the families perfectly. I also love your idea. Would make a very fun game. There's always to option of a pen and paper RPG...


#4 Jan 01, 2023 6:32 PM

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Re: An RPG featuring the five Classic Spyro dragon families.

i actually want to run a dnd homebrew based on spyro and this has given me a great start


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