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#1 Oct 21, 2016 3:11 AM

Mr. John
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Nintendo Switch

So Nintendo Switch was unveiled today Nintendo's next home console is a fusion of their home and handheld console divisions with the message seeming to be enjoy gaming in your living room or on the go. The Nintendo Joy Controller is the main controller that can be detached to play on the TV or on the go, The Nintendo Switch is an LED screen which outputs to play on your tv or on the go, and The Nintendo Switch Dock will store the system to output on the TV and also charge it up when your done playing.

Many third parties are already on board and the reception seems positive.

My thoughts: Personanlly I like it the playing at home or on the go gaming is nice, The Nintendo Switch Joy Con Controller looks nice and I look forward to playing both ways it also seems like if has good processing power so plus the Nintendo Switch looks good in general so I like it.

Mario Kart, a new Mario, Skyrim, and Splatoon all look like new titles some could be ports but we'll see on time.

Good job Nintendo but time will tell how it does till then post your thoughts as you see fit.

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