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#1 Feb 16, 2015 8:34 AM

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Dragon tales

this is free enter Rp so Feel free to enter ok the rules are:

1: no trolling
2: no bad words
3: respect the rules i poot
4: have fun

Narrator: once time i'm a very distant land was one dragon he was living peaceful but one day he notices something

Red: my king instincts are tinling heh i always want to say that but no now lest think seriously something is not righ I can feel it i don't like it but why the world is in peace thanxs to Spyro i don't know why is realy curious i need to investigate

Ban reason: explicit fan fiction


#2 Mar 01, 2015 7:35 AM

Registered: Feb 11, 2015
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Re: Dragon tales

¿?: hold there red
Red hum? who say that
¿?: red is me time
Red: time! long time not see buddy
This is Time like is obious this Dragon is blue also the dragon Time lord Red and Time know each other for long time Red save time for some cruel Dragon hunters and then they become friends

Name: Time (in spanish means tiempo)
Sex: male (like red)
Age: none one knows
Facion: good (but not hero)
Status: single, Explorer

Time: yeah long time no see Red you realy grow up
Red: to you Time so Time you know what is going on?
Time: hum what do you mean?
Red: well call it instint or what ever but i think something is not righ
Time: i see
Red: well i was asking may you time know what i mean
Time: "thinks" sorry my friend i live long time but i don't know this world was save Thanxs to Spyro remeber
Red: I KNOW but i have this felling and is not realy confortable
Time: red you need to realx a litte may must be you are realy nervious this world is complety difrent for our world
Red: ...
Time: heh don't look me like that Red Don't worry but i can say you will live a great aventure Red like Spyro does
Red: and may i will become a leyend like him! all Right now i am on fire
Time: that my red now go and find that thing is disturbing you
Red: yes! Thanxs Time

((also if the admin read this or mod pls don't close this post i was wating if someone joins i'm realy active whit Rp))

Ban reason: explicit fan fiction


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