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#1 Jan 05, 2015 5:18 PM

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Continuation of emulation feedback.

NeoReaper wrote:
Flapjacks wrote:
Stormy wrote:

Do NOT explain to others how to obtain illegal free games ANYWHERE on this forum, including private messages.  You WILL be banned for this. Anyone who brings up this topic again in this thread will be instantly banned, and yes, this includes arguing with me about this action. If you have a complaint, PM me or use Site Help.

Is discussion about emulation allowed; I play my Spyro games on a Playstation emulator on my PC, but with the real discs. As far as I know, emulators are not illegal, however the download of their isos/roms are. Sorry if this was already touched on, I don't have the best memory.

This ^
I have the DotD, TEN and ANB PS2 discs (somewhere, probably in some box somewhere) but I have them on PC for playing reasons.(Not to show any links to the roms but still discuss the emulation itself).

Just to pull it out of the thread.
I was trying to say that I would not release any link to the game but would we be allowed to discuss emulation itself? Like experiences and such.

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#2 Jan 05, 2015 8:27 PM

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Re: Continuation of emulation feedback.

Sure, just discussing it on a surface level is not a problem. I just wanted to be very clear that posting links isn't the only thing that isn't allowed. You can't explain how or where to get ISOs without links, either.


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