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Christmas 2014 Contests and Events!

12 Days of Christmas

Everyone break out your original trilogy Spyro games! This contest will feature a variety of winter-themed levels from Spyro 1-3. There will be one featured level per day from now until Christmas Eve, and your task is to complete the challenge. Check back in this thread every day for a new challenge.

Don't worry about getting them all complete; we understand that people are busy this time of year, so we're obviously not going to disqualify you if you can't do them all. You have until whenever I get around to taking the forum down on Christmas day to submit all of them, but if would be easier for us if you submit them as you complete them.

The points will be awarded as follows at the end of the contest. (An entry is considered a valid attempt at completing the task, so don't try to send in a random image or something and expect us to count it. tongue) Please submit your entries to me via PM. Don't tell anyone your answers; you don't want to help your opponents get points!

  • Submit a non-winning entry: 1 point (per entry)

  • Submit a winning entry: 5 points (per entry)

  • Submit more than anyone else: 10 points

  • Submit an entry for every level: 25 points

Oh, and if you're asked for a screenshot, and I find "your" screenshot anywhere on the internet from before you sent it in, you will be shamed for being a dirty, rotten cheater. And no one wants that, right?

The winner of this will get an award under their name in posts and a custom title of their choosing. (I promise I will actually have these images made by the end of this contest, along with the awards for the Speedway contest winners from a million years ago. >_>)

Secret Santa

This will be a small digital gift exchange. Sign up by PMing me and you will be paired randomly with another participant. At the end of this week, we will stop accepting entries, and I will tell you who you were matched with. It'll be your job to come up with a gift for your assigned person that you can give them digitally. Some ideas could be avatars, banners, art, fan fiction, game codes, funny Vocaroo recordings, music, or anything else you can think of. You do not have to spend any money if you don't want to.

Gifts will be exchanged the day after Christmas when the forum is back up. Remember, this is Secret Santa, so don't tell anyone who you got until it's time to exchange the gifts. tongue

Christmas Art

Finally, we are going to need Christmas art so I can continue the annual tradition of taking the forum down for Christmas day. If you want to volunteer your art, please PM me! I can put up a page with a slideshow of any art submitted along with a link to your deviantART, Tumblr, or wherever you usually submit your art if you want. You'll also get a custom title for doing this.

I'll set up the individual threads for these things in a few hours.

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