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#1 Aug 10, 2012 3:07 AM

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the mini-games in this game

does anybody else just completely dislike the mini-"games" in AHT? the parts where i play as Spyro, including the boss fights that are like minigames in themselves, are fun enough, but these minigames just give me headaches.

i'd like to think i'm not bad at video games, i beat The Eternal Night 100%, right? i even did all the Dragon Challenges after the end. but for goodness' sake, the Sparx challenge in that water level is a complete nightmare, the Sgt. Byrd challenges, it takes me innumerable tries to find everything in these messes. the turrets or whatever they are in that Cloudy Domain challenge, good grief, the rocket launchers will actually lock onto them, and while the turrets are hitting me with no effort, the rockets will go just about anywhere in the entire level EXCEPT the turrets that are right in front of me.

and Blink, the character they designed and introduced for these games, some of these platforms are just too spaced out. i'm 18 for crying out loud, and i can't do this. and every time i accomplish something like kill all the spiders in an area and jump over platforms and blow up 2 dark gems, and then expect a save-spot, there isn't one for another 20 obstacles. as you might expect from my rambling, i tend to lose around these points. and of course, nothing i do is saved.

and then i get to do it all over again for the light gems. also, would it have killed the developers to include a little bit of invincibility time? in theory, these characters could die in literally two seconds. please tell me i'm not the only person here who hates doing these things.

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#2 Aug 10, 2012 10:49 AM

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Re: the mini-games in this game

I must say i agree tongue i never did finish them as i could only do a few but even then i never found them fun

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#3 Aug 10, 2012 2:51 PM

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Re: the mini-games in this game

They're pretty much all the same, so they get really repetitive, unlike Spyro 3's mini-games, for example. I remember utterly hating the Sparx mini-games.



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