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the spyro movie is canceld

On October 25, 2007, it was announced that the film rights for Spyro the Dragon had been purchased by The Animation Picture Company.[6] Daniel Altiere and Steven Altiere wrote the script, which was going to be based on the recently released The Legend of Spyro trilogy. The film was going to be coming out from Los Angeles, California and would be animated in Korea by a South Korean Animation studio, Wonderworld Studios. It was also going to produce the movie along with Universal Animation Studios. The film was also supposed to be produced by John Davis, Dan Chuba, Mark A.Z. Dippé, Brian Manis and Ash Shah. The film was to be distributed and advertised by Velvet Octopus along with Universal Studios. Mark Dippe was going to direct the film. This film was originally supposed to be released in theaters on Christmas 2010 for the United States and Canada, but it has been delayed and it was also supposed to be released on April 10, 2010, but was never confirmed and has proven to be false. On April 11, 2010, It has been confirmed by Daniel Altiere himself that the movie has been officially canceled due to decisions made by Activision.[7]


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Re: the spyro movie is canceld

Yep, we know it's been canceled; there have been a couple threads about it already.

(You should probably also site where this text came from, though from the citation marks I'm guessing it's Wikipedia.)


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