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Things and ideas for the new Spyro game..

Yeah, sorry if this isn't the right place to post this topic >>;
<Mods are free to replace this> Ehem.

Anyways, considering the movie is cancelled, Did anyone track anything for ideas about a possible new Spyro game?
What we know is that they'll continue the story where the stopped, and characters would be in their same roles.
For example Ignitus is and will stay the new Chronicler, Terrardor becomes the new 'main' guardian, Spyro and Cynder are alive considering they weren't in that book thing..

New enemies, maybe a new main villain..or maybe a returning villain?
I'd love to see Red returning in some sort of "TLSO" style tongue Like Hunter drastically changed..
I'm also thinking of an more 'open' gameplay, like more free-roaming..Or even some sort of "RPG" feeling.. And yeah, since Cynder convinced Spyro that she loves him, maybe something will happen further I3
..hey, not talking about kids yet, lol.

Meh, you get the idea..

Any further ideas?


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