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#76 Aug 13, 2009 11:19 PM

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changed my mind since my first post here. 5/10

good parts:
1. most of the minigames are fun enough that they're saved from the loading times.
2. the graphics are amazing.
3. good music.

bad parts:
1. too many glitches. [i can't win the race in.. i think it's Cloud 9? i know it's not the Dojo race.]
2. the loading times
3. not enough levels.
4. the levels that ARE there are too big, with too many gems.
5. the story doesn't make sense. can't the dragonflies find their own way back? and if not, still, why would they tease you while you're trying to RESCUE them? and especially when it says they're shy?
6. Crush/Gulp shouldn't be able to talk. o_o
7. Moneybags needs another appearance.
8. did you see the ending for this thing??? i didn't even play to the end, i just looked it up on YouTube, and wow. you spend all that time playing to get that.


9. the slide in Monkey Monastery. good grief, it's impossible, i almost always run out of time or fall off. when i fall off, he informs me that when sliding, it helps to stay on the slide ..... well no, duh. [sometimes when i fall off the edge, i go right through the sides and just keep falling until time runs out btw], and when i run out of time he says "impressive, most impressive! but you are not a slider yet"... funny the first time, not funny the 5th time. if you're bad at a mini game, that's fine, a bit annoying if you're obsessive compulsive about it like i am, but oh well. but this is just unbearable imo. [/rant]

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#77 Feb 27, 2013 3:18 PM

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The music was nice, the graphics were nice.
They tried hard to make a spyro game TRUE to what insomniac did, but failed only because they were unfairly rushed by Universal.
I applaud that it was true to the trilogy on pSX, but sadly, universal never should of allowed the game to release in the state it did. It was practically unplayable. Personally, this is the ONLY spyro game aside from the skylanders series i never beat.

If only Universal gave the devs ONE MORE YEAR. Who knows where the series would be.
Likely, Spyro would still be spyro, and check six would possibly actually be the permanent spyro developer if it had succeeded.

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